GnuPG key on macOS with nix

Solving a mysterious pinentry problem

May 21

What are the benefits of analytics integration?

Improving accuracy of insights

August 15

SMTP, SSL and Haskell

Sending an email from the Haskell code

July 11

Processing big files in Node.js

Finding the right tool for the job

June 4

A web application idea

Playground for new technologies

March 31


Preventing mistakes

March 30

fish shell

A better tool

March 29

Bitcoin-Qt data directory

A quick tip

March 28


Why about me photo is helpful

March 27

Fixing git-annex repository

How to get out of trouble with git-annex

March 26

7 Ramda recipes

Useful function combinations

March 25


Fix for one of the JavaScript quirks

March 24

Modifying production database

Switching autocommit makes it less risky

March 23

Levels of abstraction

It's necessary to find the right one

March 22

Test factories

Better way of creating test data

March 21


An easier way to give someone access

March 20

rsync and checksums

How to ensure identical copy

March 19

Temptation of a new software

How not to master anything

March 18

Comments in JSON

Simple solution

March 17

The source code

Learning from reading source code

March 16

Framework or not?

Things to think about when starting a project

March 15

launchd resources

Where to find more information

March 14

acts on OS X

Small customizations

March 12


Node process manager

March 11

You aren't gonna need it

Future is unknowable, prepare for it

March 10

Markdown in Cactus

Small code cleanup

March 9


Holding to my data

March 8

Extracting table data

Nightwatch's custom command

March 7

Nightwatch gotcha

Mental model vs. implementation

March 6

No logs assertion for Nightwatch

Ensure React's PropTypes are respected

March 5

Peace of mind

Why having test suite matters

March 4

JavaScript and money

Accuracy problem of floating point numbers

March 3

URL fragment in the browser

Recreating common behavior

March 2

Connect to PostgreSQL from Vim

Simplifying my workflow

March 1

Code style

Why consistency matters

February 29

Simplicity of React.js

A simple idea which changes a lot

February 28

SSH keys

A new key for every project

February 27

Immutable data

Not that uncommon and very helpful

February 26

Switching queues

Adapters in JavaScript

February 25

Managing complexity

Programmer's task

February 24

Ubuntu 14.04 and node.js

How to prepare new machine for node.js

February 23

Flow and node.js

Necessary piece of configuration

February 22

Change of mind

Static typing in dynamic languages

February 21

Learning anything

Just consuming materials is not enough

February 20

An innovative approach

Tackle problem from a different perspective

February 19

Robust software approach

Decoupling with message queue

February 18

Check it one last time

It's totally worth it

February 17

Deubugging functional JavaScript

R.tap to the rescue

February 16

Mocha, promises and testing rejections

How to test Promise.reject()

February 15

One problem with JavaScript promises

Forget this and yours debugging will be harder

February 14

Single file website

An idea

February 5

Change login shell

Make Ubuntu more to your liking

January 25

Apache as a node.js proxy

Apache as a front-end server for Node.js application

January 24

Fog and S3 multipart uploads

Digging through issues and source code

September 8

Canonical no more

After 6 years I decided to change job

March 21

Clear thinking

Struggle to think clearly

March 11