An innovative approach

Tackle problem from a different perspective

There’s a lot of problems when creating software. In my case, most of them happen when building web applications.

Creating and maintaining a modern application is a quite complex task. First you need to deal with the application itself, building it and making sure it runs properly. This task in itself is challenging.

When an application grows it starts to depend on more and more external services. It’s no longer just a database and front-end server. Now it needs also a search server, a task queue, an analytics engine, a recommendation processing.

In the meantime, to make it all fast, there are layers of caching.

All that data flowing through the system needs to be up to date. A change in the database should be reflected in all the related places. With more components in the system, there’re more possibilities to do it wrong.

Because of that, the approach presented in the video is so appealing and refreshing. It tackles the problem from a completely different perspective. Instead of trying to introduce order into the chaos of data manipulation just skip the chaos altogether. Make it simple by restating the problem.

I’m sure there are tradeoffs required to put in place such architecture. To learn exactly which ones I would like to experiment with it. That’s the best way of evaluating anything.